St Salvators Chapel Trail

recently, I was asked by the ladies of the Fife Decorative Fine Arts Society ( DFAS) to join forces for an Easter holiday art class. NADFAS( the National Association) had come up with a fantastic trail through St Salvators, known locally as Sally's in St Andrews. The trail helps children and adults discover lots of interesting symbolism throughout the chapel and gives them a sense of becoming an explorer.
The chapel is beautiful and inside are the most wonderful mosaics showing the life of Jesus. It was these mosaics that we based the workshop on. The children chose a mosaic that they wanted to recreate and then we set to work cutting and pasting the colours. They showed great patience and produced some wonderful work. They also started work on a giant mosaic of the last supper. At our next workshop we hope to use real mosaic pieces and show the children how to create mosaics the authentic way.