Portrait of Spyros

I was recently commissioned to create a pencil portrait of a young boy called Spyros. It really excited me as Valia, his mother wanted me to do what I wanted to do. She let me have full artistic license. Often, if I am commissioned,there is a specific idea the customer has in mind and it can be tricky to read the mind of the client. However Valia told me all that had to be in the portrait was obviously her son and she it done in pencil. 
I explained to her how I work , that I would pray for  Spyros and see what images come to mind.The initial picture was of him as a shepherd boy with a crown. Then I saw other images as I began to draw, a Greek windmill, a single boat and a sun shining. So I went ahead and drew them. it was not until I had finished that I understood what these symbols meant and I was surprised to find out how meaningful they were to Valia and Spyros. Things that I could not know, symbols dear to her family.
So I am glad to say that she showed her husband and son last night and they are very happy with the portrait, which in turn makes me a very happy lady.