Upcoming art classes

Drawing the Human Portrait , 6 week course.
10-11.30am  Wednesday 11th November-16th December

This is a 6 week course exploring how to draw the human face. We will be learning the anatomy of the face, looking at the skeleton and muscles and how this helps to underpin your drawing. We will also look at individual features such as the eye, nose , mouth and hair and discover how proportion and distance are essential in making a realistic portrait. We will look at measuring, proportion, observation and perspective and use pencil and charcoal .
You will need to bring charcoal, a selection of B pencils, putty rubber , sharpener and a can of super strength hairspray.
Palette knife landscape work in acrylics oils
6.45-8.45pm Wednesday 28th October - 25th November     
(this course is recommended for people who have a basic knowledge of working in oil or acrylic)

This is a 5 week course to explore the use of a palette knife in painting landscapes. You can choose to work in acrylics of oil paints and learn how to simplify tone and shapes, layer paint, mix colours and what palette knife to use. You can create the work on canvas or board.
All classes take place at All Saints Episcopal Church Halls on North Castle Street