Progress in Beginners Acrylic Class

It may seem a boring concept to paint a bowl of fruit but as a beginner it is a great place to start. Fruit is easier to draw and allows the students to concentrate less on their drawing and more on their painting skills. The students in my beginners acrylic class have been having a great time getting to grips with composition, preparing grounds, understanding different brushes, tone and how to mix colours. As their confidence grows they are becoming more daring. A gentleman who attends the class said " this is truly liberating". That comment alone made me feel like my task was fulfilled. Not only do I want to teach techniques and help the students understand the process of painting but I want them to feel relaxed, liberated and create a space for them to leave the cares of the day and just indulge in the excitement of creating and learning something new.

Here are a few photographs of their work in progress.