Children's Summer Holiday Art Week

Children's Summer holiday art week
Location: All Saints Episcopal Church Hall on North Castle street.
Time:  St Andrews from 10am-12pm.
Cost: £15 per class.

Monday 6th  July 10-12pm
Tie dye T-shirts ( children will be using bleach so old clothing essential, protective goggles and gloves will be provided)
Children will be shown a few different techniques for creating cool tie dye effects and then they will choose a technique to use on a coloured T-shirt of their choice. 

Tuesday 7th July 10-12pm
Plaster of paris fossils 
Children will be shown how to make a plaster cast using clay and plaster of paris. They will then create a fossil using leaves and creatures and decorate with paint.

Wednesday 8th July 10-12pm 
Children will create lego men and brick crayons , and a lego head jar to keep them in. 

Thursday 9th July 10-12pm
Fimo clay braclets  and key rings 
Children will learn how to mould Fimo into different beads and make them into a bracelet or a key ring.