Beauty in brokenness painting

I have just completed a new painting called " Beauty in brokenness". I have painted it with acrylics on wooden board. It is a painting of broken china pieces that I have collected over the years from St Andrews East Sands. I can relate to these small pieces of  broken china. They are constantly put under pressure by the waves which is shaping them into little beautiful objects. At times I realise my brokenness, my fragile state, times of tragedy and emotional turmoil have hit like the waves crashing upon me. At these times I feel like broken china, unable to put myself back together. No matter how much will power or positive thinking I try and muster up, brokenness remains. Until that beautiful moment when I surrender my brokenness, my inability to fix the brokenness and I offer it to God. Then that beautiful connection with my Maker happens. When He breaths new life and I then see the beauty that lies within the brokenness. Here is a picture of the painting.