My recent painting

I thought I would show you the process of my most recent painting. It is of my youngest son Ellis while he is sleeping. I painted it with oil on board.

I love watching my children sleep, not just because it creates silence but also I imagine what they are dreaming. What adventures fill the mind of a young boy? Stories of ice cream and toy cars would most certainly be at the top of my children's dream world.

I started  by drawing in white pencil on a dark background. Then I paint using acrylics to block in some basic tone. Then I start the layering process in oils , working from dark to light. This process of layering can be quite frustrating but the patience pays off. If I rush this process it only leads to disaster and usually I end up throwing my brushes at the painting. Not a pretty sight.

Here are the pictures ending in my finished painting.


Here is the final painting.