Private Adult Art Lessons 
Hello everyone.
I just wanted to show you some photographs of an ex student of mine. Her name is Imogen Mason and she came to me wanting private adult  art lessons. Her objective was to be able to draw accurately what she saw from life and also to understand how to draw ideas from her imagination. She had little understanding of how to draw, she was a maths teacher and was used to drawing boxes but in a mathematical way. So we started from the very beginning. I set up a series of cylindrical and square objects and taught her the basics of measuring, perspective, strength of line, tone and  creating illlusion. Imogen started to train her eye to see what she saw rather than what she thought she saw.

With in a matter of weeks, I felt she was ready to start a still life picture with more difficult objects. Imogen then learned about composition and what makes a good picture. Below are some of her photographs. I am sure you agree she has progressed extremely well. 

Imogen then went on to complete some modules at college and is always trying out new arts and crafts around Fife. Sometimes private classes are better than group classes. My classes are specifically tailored to your own artistic needs and will certainly help you progress quicker than in a group setting. If you would like private lessons then please drop me a line to discuss what you are wanting to learn.